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Performanta Services is characterised by a history of demonstrable successful implementations and optimised solutions across 5 Continents with a reach of over 1.2 million users.


Performanta Technologies invests in cutting-edge IT security technology to give our customers the edge in understanding the threats encountered across their security landscape.


Today’s Information Security Officer is required to simultaneously address a multitude of requirements, from regulatory compliance to risk operations, with everything in between.

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Five Security Predictions for 2015: Bolder Threats Leading to Bolder Security Teams

No one is safe from getting hacked. This has been no more evident than in 2014 where we have seen some of the biggest high-end data breaches of large companies ever seen to date. Data, personal records and financial information has been stolen and sold on the black market in a matter of days. eBay, Target and more recently Sony … Read the rest

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Blind defence – why we’re losing the cyber security war

Whether you’re the chief information security office (CISO) of a major corporation managing security technologies or leading a security team, you’re most likely very familiar with the objectives of your role. Protecting the company’s assets and ensuring its productivity. You are the wall that stands between the organisation and the adversary, whether it’s protecting from an external attacker that attempts … Read the rest

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Worm outbreak case study: Incident response in the business with Volatility

A few days ago, our team had to respond to a worm outbreak in one of our customer sites. The threat name was Sality which is a well known worm that started propagating back in 2003. The Sality worm spreads by infecting legitimate executable files and copying itself to a different location on the local system and on network shares. … Read the rest

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The urgent need for cyber security talent

This year, Verizon’s global data breach investigation report for 2015 found that in 60% of breaches attackers are able to compromise an organisation with minutes and assessing that a breach of 10,000 records currently costs between $143,000-$223,000.

The reality is that the number of cyber security threats is continuously on the rise. The increase in basic and complex attacks on … Read the rest

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Skype Scam

Syphoned credentials from Skype accounts used to spread diet scams

Performanta labs has received reports on rogue diet scam URLs that spread on Skype via compromised Skype accounts. Initial investigation concluded that there’s no malware involved on end user machines and devices, but that Skype credentials have been syphoned on unsecured or rogue networks.

It’s good to keep in mind that effective cyber attacks don’t have to necessarily include malware … Read the rest

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Shifting the Security Mindset – The Escalating Threat Landscape and What Steps can be Taken to Mitigate Risks

As posted on the journal IT for CEOs & CFOs

The modern cyber security threat environment is growing rapidly. In the digital world, the inherent interconnectivity of people, devices and organisations, opens up a whole new playing field of vulnerabilities. The adoption of mobile computing resulted in blurring organisational boundaries, with IT getting closer to the user and further from Read the rest

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VARs must add more value in security

Originally posted by CRN at ChannelWeb.co.uk

Value-added resellers are perfectly placed to step in and help customers as the global threat landscape continues to escalate, argues Performanta Ltd CTO Lior Arbel

The cybersecurity threat landscape is changing. We are seeing an upsurge in basic to complex attacks from threat actors who are being aided by an increased availability of underground Read the rest

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